Are you becoming your mother?

“I remember sitting in my house last year and musing, like your woman in Sex and the City except I was gazing out at a Cork skyline instead of over Manhattan: ‘I couldn’t help but wonder – am I morphing into my mother?’ And if I am becoming my mother, is there something wrong with that?” -Cathy, The Daughterhood

The Daughterhood - becoming your motherMother phrases

“You don’t have enough clothes on you”, “They’re the good plates, you can’t use them”, “This house is not a hotel”, “How many times do I have to tell you?”. There was a time when you used to snigger or groan when your mother whipped out one of her mam-isms, but now you catch yourself saying them. You can try and stop yourself, but they’re embedded in your brain and anyway, those plates really are the good plates, only meant for the most special of occasions.

The Daughterhood: Becoming your motherYou’ve inherited ‘The look’

You know exactly the look we’re talking about. The one she gave you when you first got detention in school. The one she gave you when she caught you and your friends drinking for the first time. The one she gave you when you had a sneaky McDonald’s on the way home and are too full for her home cooked dinner. And now you do it yourself, with others saying to you what you would have said to her – “don’t look at me like that”. The look is enough to make a grown man cry.

The Daughterhood: Becoming your motherYou’ve taken over the cooking at family gatherings

When you were younger, your mother probably cooked a big roast dinner when all the family got together. Gradually over the years, helping her out with this big roast has now turned into you cooking it yourself so she can take some time off to relax with the family. Despite the gourmet meal you serve up to them, your family never hesistate to remind you that “you didn’t do the gravy like mum’s”. Queue a cheeky grin from her end of the table as you take another slug of your wine.

The Daughterhood - becoming your motherYour shoes are actually comfortable

Do you find yourself getting excited looking in the window of Ecco and Clarks? Are the days of hobbling around in Jimmy Choos long behind you? There was a time when you used to laugh at your mother when she waxed lyrical about her comfortable shoes but now she comes with you when you’re looking for a pair of your own.