Five things you argue with your mother about in your…twenties

Are you in your twenties? Are you a daughter? Do you have a mother?

Everyone argues with their mother, but when you’re in your twenties, there’s certain topics that will come up more than others when things get heated.

The Daughterhood - arguing with your mother in your twenties1. Your messy room

As long as you’re under her roof, you’ll keep that room tidy. Some days, you might even arrive home to find that she’s already done it for you. And even for those of us who don’t live at home anymore, the contents of your room are still in her interests. Whether she notices it in the background of the selfies you post on Facebook, or has a snoop around on her surprise visits (She was just passing through and wanted to check that you’re still breathing), she’s still keeping tabs on the floordrobe and “just giving her advice”. After all, “what would the landlord think if he dropped in?”

The Daughterhood - Things you argue with your mother about in your twenties2. Your drinking habits

“Hungover again? It’ll catch up with you,” she’ll say in her weekly Sunday morning phone call, as you hold the phone an arms length away from your ear and search for some paracetamol.


The Daughterhood - arguing with your mother in your twenties3. Money, money, money

It’s the third month in a row you’ve had to ask her for a financial bailout and you still get a lecture, even though you always pay her back. “Maybe if you didn’t go out drinking every weekend…”


dinner4. Your diet

How many times a week are you asked “Are you feeding yourself?”,”Do you eat any vegetables at all?”, “Do you even know what fruit looks like?”


desk5. What you work as

“When are you going to get a “real” job?” “Is this what you studied for in college?” “What is it you do again?”