Your stories

She’s been both a mother and father to me since Dad passed away I remember being surprised when I saw other mothers talking to their children like human beings She is so thoughtful and kind and keeps my feet on the ground Mum sat through The Beatles with her hands over her ears! If something doesn’t look nice on me, she’s the first to tell me! Our relationship isn’t the same since I tried to follow in her footsteps and moved to Australia I take it as a compliment that I look like my mother because she is beautiful inside and out She’s my closest friend, life guide and therapist! She told me the lessons she learned as a mother so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes I’ll help my mother if she gives me the kindness and respect I always craved I love to treat my Mam to lunch – if I can get to the till before she does Our relationship isn’t perfect, but I know she’ll always be there for me You taught me to talk to everyone, even the scary girl I was afraid would steal my lunch money It’s the little things that make me laugh Even a used car salesman couldn’t argue with my daughterly duties My mother is great but she won’t put sugar in my tea! P.S I love you: You gave me the confidence to live life without you I emigrated to Australia, but I’m still my mother’s baby Nightly Novenas to find me a husband showed my mother’s dedication to my happiness The things that drive me mad about her are what I’m grateful for I never hear the end of it when my “martyr” mother does something for me I’m in my twenties but I still call my mam when I fall and cut my leg! Hearing her when I was in the headmistress’ office for bad behaviour made me cry She has no time for tears and I’m a leaky faucet! I fully resonate with the comment “you’re so like your Mother” For every one of my failings as a daughter, she redeems me