Even a used car salesman couldn’t argue with my daughterly duties

One brilliant and totally charming thing about my mum is that she has complete confidence in me, to a totally ridiculous level. If on a Sunday, I told her I was walking across the bay on foot, she would tell me to enjoy the trip and to try to stay dry!

Recently, she was getting herself a new car. I asked if she needed help. She said yes and asked me to come see the car she had identified as the one, so I went along with her to look at the prospective motor. As we arrived into the dealership she announced “hello again, this is my daughter and chief negotiator.”

As the conversation progressed, I had to admit to the sales guy that perhaps mum needed some tips on at what juncture to bring in a negotiator, as it soon became apparent that she had already agreed the top line price, given a €500 deposit, and related countless stories of disaster about her present car which she had to trade in!

I explained to the guy that although she appeared to have agreed the entire deal (in which they were already loosing confidence due to the stories of blow ups, break downs and the general appalling quality of the car they had accepted as a trade in), I needed to be able to improve on the deal somehow.

The stressed car sales person reasonably explained that they already had an agreement. I explained that my deal was much more important. “This is my mother,” I told him privately, “and once we leave here, she’s still my mother and so I can’t let her down.” He looked aggrieved, but in fairness, he understood. Even the used car sales person understood the sanctity of that relationship, so to his credit, he agreed a further discount and put his fingers in his ears for the further three stories mum had about the trade in!

That, people, is the power of a mother!


– Kara Hanahoe, Dublin

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