I emigrated to Australia, but I’m still my mother’s baby

My mother has to be the single most important person in my life. I am the youngest of four children and even at 28 years of age I am still and always will be her baby. I really do idolise my mother. She worked for over 42 years as an A&E nurse. As most people know, this is not an easy job and my mother has witnessed some terrible things and saved many lives.

Along with my father, she gave us the best in life. We never wanted for anything and everything she did, she did for us. Everyone looks up to Mam; friends, colleagues, children and grandchildren. She is a very kind, loving and a caring person. We grew up in a wonderful happy home and we have been taught to be the best we can and to be enjoy our lives.

In 2010, I moved to Australia. I found moving thousands of miles away difficult, especially leaving my family. I was lonely at times and relied on the lengthy chats with Mam to help me through. Despite different worries at times while abroad, Mam always put my mind to ease and offered me comfort. I’ve experienced many worries, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and wrong decisions and cried many tears but my mother has always advised me that everything happens for a reason, and as she always says, “what’s for you will never pass you by, dear”.  

I aspire to be just like my mother, a hard-working, loving and caring person. She is my best-friend, my whole world and the most wonderful mother a girl could ask for.


– Catriona Kearns, Offaly

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