I fully resonate with the comment “you’re so like your Mother”

I’m ashamed to say that I have only begun to truly value my Mother over the last couple of years, but I console myself by thinking it’s better to be late than being too late altogether.

Like most Mothers and daughters, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. There were times when I truly wanted to throttle her and her me, I’m sure. However, when I look back on the trials and tribulations of my own life, both the good and the bad, there she was, and still is, (thank Goddess!) that reassuring, consistent presence, much like the North star that helps you to find your way when you’re lost on unchartered waters.

Ironically, her stubbornness, conviction and independent mindedness, qualities that used to create many arguments and disagreements between us, are now aspects I want to emulate and assimilate into my own character as much as possible. Not only do I resemble her physically, but I am beginning to embody all of her many strong qualities at a much deeper level so I can more fully resonate with the comment “you’re so like your Mother” inside and out.

I lost my father, such a wonderful man and role model, at the age of 21. I ended up idealising him and overlooking my mother as the great role model she was and is; something I am determined now to rectify. I realise now, thankfully before it’s too late, that I am blessed to have such a wonderful example of a woman as my Mother.

– Anonymous

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