I love to treat my Mam to lunch – if I can get to the till before she does

  • I love walking around modern art galleries laughing at things we don’t quite understand.
  • I love Facetiming my Mam when we can’t see each other, it’s not the same but its the next best thing.
  • I love our ‘Mannings’ on a Saturday morning, right after she gets her hair done by ‘Cindy’ on Meath Street, it’s the perfect start to the weekend.
  • I love our walks together from the family house up to the mountains where we stop and she shows me exactly the speck that is my house in the city. It’s always comforting knowing she can see my house when she goes on her walks. She’s always keeping an eye on me!
  • I love treating my Mam to lunch. I always feel like it’s a small victory when I manage to run to the tills before she does.
  • Most of all, I love just hanging out, because she’s awesome.

– Niamh Harman, Dublin

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