I never hear the end of it when my “martyr” mother does something for me

I really wish my mother would stop making me feel guilty.

My mother is a martyr. Or so she says. Even though I’m pretty sure part of the criteria for being a martyr is that you’re so selfless you’re not allowed to praise yourself with being one.

Mam is a really caring person. She’s generous and thoughtful and would do (and has done) anything for me and my siblings. But she REALLY lets us know about it.

If she helps me out, I’ll be reminded of it again and again. If she does me a favour, I’ll know about it for the rest of the day. If she spends hours cooking up a storm, no amount of thanks will put an end to her harping on about it. If I disappoint her, the tears start – and are very hard to stop.

I have always been really grateful for what she does for me but sometimes it’s hard when she sacrifices things in her life to help me in mine and then makes me feel guilty about it. I’m a fairly self-sufficient adult and don’t ask for much anymore, so any help or favours or kindness should come without the price-tag of feeling bad because she has missed out on something else as a result of it.

I’d love for her to appreciate my words of thanks as much as I appreciate her acts of kindness.

– Anonymous

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