If something doesn’t look nice on me, she’s the first to tell me!

It makes me sad that I don’t see my mother that often anymore as I live on the opposite side of the country. This is why I love spending time with her when I do. I love to treat her to special things on her birthday, Christmas etc and like to spoil her.

My mother has taught me many things, most of all being a strong person. She has taught my other siblings this too. She is the strongest person I know and works so hard and I respect her so much for it. All of my siblings have a very close relationship with her too and I love that because we can tell her anything – she is our friend.

She is always proud of us, although if one of us put on any extra weight she would be the first to tell us and if something doesn’t look nice on us, she is right in there with a comment! She can be very nosy too but I know she means good by it.

– Tanya Duffy, Mayo