I’m in my twenties but I still call my mam when I fall and cut my leg!

I’m 26 years old, but I still call my Mam for advice on everything.

“Mam, how do you get rid of the black stuff in between the tiles in the bathroom?”

“Mam, I fell and cut my leg and now it looks really dodgy, what should I do with it?”

“Mam, my best friend just got engaged, do I need to buy her a present?”

“Mam, this job opportunity came up, what do you think?”

Everything. She gives me advice on everything. When something bad happens, I call her. When something good happens, I call her. When I’m excited about something, I call her. When I just need to have a rant, I call her. And she listens. She never gets sick of me. I really don’t know what I’d do without her.

The day will come when I won’t be able to call her. As morbid as it might sound, I do hope that day comes before anything happens to myself or my sister, because I know it would literally break her heart and I would hate for her to have to go through that. And if anyone were to have something to do with mine or my sister’s demise, then God help them, because my Mam would “do jail”, as she says. That day will come, but I really don’t want to have to think about it.

– Lisa Madden, Drogheda

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