Nightly Novenas to find me a husband showed my mother’s dedication to my happiness

My mum, Deirdre Hargaden, is an incredibly special person. She is many amazing things but ultimately she epitomises a warm hug at the end of a bad day. My sisters and I are constantly joking that we’re ‘turning in to Dee Dee’ but in fact to ‘turn in to’ our mum would be a wonderful achievement as she is truly unique. The life and soul of every party, she is blessed with a wicked sense of humour and a very positive outlook on life. She is the best friend a girl, brother, sister could have and is a solid support to those close to her during life’s toughest moments.

I see mum about once a week and talk to her every few days and even at that, sometimes it feels like I don’t spend enough time with her as I know someday she’ll be gone. Living in the same city, I know we are blessed that we are just a short hop away from each other if needs be.

I share everything with my mum, there’s nothing she doesn’t know and no counsel she hasn’t given. The one person I could never ever lie to is my mum, she knows me too well. I’ve learnt the art of forgiveness from my mum and the ability to stay positive, even in the face of challenges which seem insurmountable. When we get together as a family, we spend at lot of time laughing, mainly at my dad’s expense, blessed among three women as he is!

Mum has a saying ‘trust me, I know best’ and believe me that saying drove me nuts throughout my single years when she kept repeating it to me. “Trust me, there’s a great guy out there for you, I just know it, mother knows best.” After a decade of being single (and only dying to meet said guy), she was the first person I called to tell her I had met someone special (my now husband). Of course her response was “didn’t I tell you it would happen? Mother knows best”. I believe her mum, my granny, had been receiving nightly novenas regarding my single status so I’m sure granny was working hard on finding that guy too!

My mum had a very special relationship with her mum and I remember how sad she was when she passed away. I can’t imagine life without mum and only hope that sadness is many years away and that I will be blessed with at least another 20 years of ‘mother knows best’ and warm embraces.

– Debbie Hargarden, Dublin

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