Our relationship isn’t perfect, but I know she’ll always be there for me

My relationship with my mother is far from normal, even though I’m not sure what a normal relationship is and who defines it. I feel ours is not what you call average.

Firstly, we fight constantly. I am the parent in the relationship, constantly giving out about the house and telling her off for smoking or drinking too much like she is a bold teenager. I am always the sensible one.

Also if you know me, I always felt that little bit neglected as a child growing up. My mother would never be at home at the weekend, baking or sewing or doing any other quaint activity I seem to associate with mothers for some reason. She would and still continues to spend the weekends, evenings and any other spare minute with the third child of our family – her horse.

Something changed last month. Not our relationship, that continues to have its up and downs, but my opinion of my mother. I had to move home to my parents’ house for two weeks after an operation and I was dreading the thoughts of it. We struggle to spend a weekend together at the best of times without arguing, however this time it was different. My mum, who I would never put down as the caring or maternal type, could not have looked after me any better over those two weeks. I was completely reliant on her and there wasn’t a single argument had. After those 14 days were over, I was actually a little sad to be leaving her.

I am now beginning to think that maybe I am, or try to be, just a little bit too independent and determined to do everything for myself, to let my mummy help me. While our relationship is far from perfect, I now know when I really really need my mum she will always be there for me.

– Anonymous

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