She has no time for tears and I’m a leaky faucet!

I’ve learned to be strong from my Mam. Mam cared for my dad for 16 years while he battled MS and raised four kids. She is the strongest woman I know.

She’s a real Irish mammy and keeps us going. She’s literally unstoppable. Even when life deals her a rough road she powers through with dignity and grace.

She can drive me mad at times when she has no time for tears – I’m basically a leaky faucet!

In an ideal world, I’d love us to have a huge house where my mam could live with us too. Life is short and when you loose a parent, you realise how precious your time with them is. I’d love to take care of my mam the way she has for us. We lived together just the two of us for a long time and I’m the youngest by nearly 10 years, so we have a special bond.

– Ellen Kavanagh, Dublin

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