She told me the lessons she learned as a mother so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes

As a teenager I never expected my relationship with my mother would turn out as great as it is today. She was and still is so quietly brilliant and unassuming. A woman who could pick up a pair of knitting needles and turn a ball of yarn into the most amazing jumper, who could open an almost empty press and cook up a feast, or keep her five children entertained for hours on rainy days.

My mother would dance with us hanging off her hippy skirts, begging her to swing us around once more and teach us how to find a spec of life in a plant and bring it back to life. As a kid I never saw the things that made her brilliant, to me she was just my Mam.

My mother has taught me so many things in life, both from her victories and her struggles. I saw how important it was to laugh, to spend time away from my family and to have great friends in life. She taught me to believe in true love (the prince on a horse kind) and how to forgive. She’s taught me how to be a great mother and how I should listen and be more patient with my own children. She told me the lessons she learnt as a mother and shared them with me so that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes. I think that is a brave thing for a person to do and I really appreciated her for it.

We love each other mostly and infuriate each other seldom. My Mother is my best friend and I can’t even imagine a world without her in it.

– Aileen Cox Blundell, Dublin

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