She’s been both a mother and father to me since Dad passed away

Mine is one of the great love stories of mother-daughter relationships! She is a legend in my eyes and the role model that I aspire to be.

I entered my mother’s life when she was 41, child No. 6 after a bit of a break (and she didn’t finish with me either!). My mother is 80 years old but still thinks that she’s 50, and is a very active lady. In fact, even I think of her as only being 60. We’ve had great weekends away, even going to London as recently as two weeks ago.

And does she drive me mad? Oh yes! Mother is a powerful lady and, despite the fact I’m married with two children of my own, there are times I’m still treated like I’m 16. “Where’s your coat on day like that?” she tells me. Or: “I’ve seen nicer outfits on you.” And she’s certainly not timid or quiet-spoken – when she has a point to make, you will know all about it.

But since the day we said goodbye to Dad over 15 years ago, she’s been both a mother and father to me and has shown herself to be more than capable. And 8 years ago, my mother walked me down the aisle on my wedding day and I have never held her hand as tightly as I did then.

I am so proud of her and if I’m even half the mother to my own daughter that my own mother was to me, I’ll have done amazing job!

– Emily Lyons, Dublin

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