The Daughterhood reaches Italian shores

We recently visited Italy for our first language publication of The Daughterhood. It’s called “Scoprirsi Figlia” and it’s published by Odoya. Natasha gave interviews on national radio (helped by a translator of course) and she also spoke at a book festival to an audience of mostly Italian women. The huge interest in The Daughterhood by both the Italian media and the people that Natasha met further confirmed for us that the story of the mother-daughter relationship and the complexities that come with it is a truly universal one. It was really interesting to hear the women in the audience speak about the fact that Italian daughters don’t really get a look in compared to the adored Italian sons. But regardless of this, the daughters’ underlying wish to have a good relationship with their mothers was apparent. Just like the members of The Daughterhood.

The Daughterhood in Italy - Collage